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Our excellence and rigour represents us in all of our cases. Our work in taxes, accounting and common law for companies and individuals alike, makes us the right choice for you or your business.

General Law

We can help you also with general legal issues, whether you are Spanish resident or not we can help with all aspects of Spanish Law, problems or disputes.


The preparation of all accounting matters should be upheld with strict following of all laws for the official books of Companies (Journal, Inventories and Balance Sheets, Minutes Book) and their subsequent legalization every year. We also take care of monitoring the mercantile aspects of your company.


We assess our clients in all tax matters: planning, advice and information on new laws, preparing tax returns, reports and appeals…

Spanish Residence

We canĀ take care of all the legal related aspects of your migration process into Spain.

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Inheritance and wills

Do you have a will? Have you inherited properties in Spain? Any other issues with Spanish assets?

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Real Estate

Are you planning to buy or sell a property in Spain? We protect your interests and ensure a trouble free transaction.

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This service was created with the aim of providing the sports system and the world of leisure with comprehensive advisory services.

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If you wish more information, have a question or send us some information so we can work with you please contact us.