Real Estate

Are you planning to buy or sell a property in Spain? We protect your interests and ensure a trouble free transaction.

Assessment for acquisition of the property

  • We will support you in the search of property, contacting you with qualified agencies and collaborators.
  • We will do due dilligence on the property/ies, verifying on the Property Registry if it has any pending charges or encumbrances, its registry situation, verification of licences… All legal aspects of the property.
  • We will draft, negotiate the contract and deeds of the sale, or modify an existing contract if necesary. 
  • We will assist you in tasks that follow after the sale or purchase, as registration of the property in the Property Registry, declaration of investments to the Ministry, or any other operations.


white and red wooden house miniature on brown table

Other legal issues 

  • We will do negotiation of contracts within the community of goods.
  • We will do everything related to contracts for leasing, surface right contracts and other rights such as usufructs, leases or easements. 
  • We will accomplish acts related to posession or defense of ownership of properties.
  • We will help with the cancellation or constitution of mortages and other property interests


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