We offer multiple services under Tax law: tax planning, tax information and tax advice. We will accompany you in all matters taxes, from tax planning with all information about investments, deductions.. within the Company. Also we will provide information for you on all tax implications that can be applied after regulatory changes. And last, we will prepare returns, reports and appeals for presentation, and also when Tax Inspections are made, that could affect the Company.

Tax planning

Taking into account the modifications derived from the different Budget Laws, tax planning will be carried out in accordance with such modifications regarding investments, deductions, allowances and other tax contingencies. This planning will be carried out through periodic contacts with the Company for approval by the Company’s administrative body.

Tax information

In view of the continuous regulatory innovations that are taking place in tax matters as a result of tax harmonization within the new Euro framework, it is necessary to provide timely information on the tax implications that may arise from these regulatory changes.

Tax advice

Our collaboration would be based on the provision of information services, advice, monitoring and control, preparation of returns, reports and appeals and defense before the Tax Inspection of all tax matters that may affect the Company.