General Law

We can help you also with general legal issues, whether you are Spanish resident or not we can help with all aspects of Spanish Law, problems or disputes.

Procedural Law

We would advise in relation to any litigious matter arising in the interpretation and performance of contracts of any type or legal form.

Litigious matters are understood, by way of example, as any point, claim, dispute or controversy, whatever its nature, which constitutes a difference between the parties and which they are unable or unwilling to resolve by themselves, whether it refers to the formalization and consummation of contracts, their interpretation, execution, rights and obligations arising therefrom or bilaterally of the benefits and performance, or whether it concerns their breach, ineffectiveness, defects and their consequences, nullity or annulment, termination or secession.

The courts and tribunals of the ordinary jurisdiction, as well as the Civil and Commercial Court of Arbitration, shall be the jurisdiction before which disputes may be settled.

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