We offer multiple accounting services, such as general accounting, accounting management and accounting counseling. 

General accounting

Currently, any entity with legal capacity to do so, via the mandates of the country where it is based, may demand accounting data adjusted to predetermined schemes. That is why our collaboration would be based on the advice and follow-up of the accounting of the Company adjusted to the principles and chart of accounts established on the latest account based planning.

Accounting management

Our collaboration would be materialized in the control of the official books (Journal, Inventories and Balance Sheets, Minutes Book) and their subsequent legalization before April 30 of each year.

Corporate Counseling

We would carry out a continuous monitoring of the mercantile aspect of the Company, i.e.: modification of the Bylaws, capital increases and decreases, transformation and modification of the Company, renewal and modification of the administrative body of the Entity. We would also prepare the Minutes of the Ordinary and Extraordinary Meetings of the Company, together with the certifications issued by the Administrative Body of the Entity empowered to do so, for their subsequent integration in the book of Minutes of the Company duly legalized and registered in the Mercantile Registry.


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